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Welcome to the Website! Updates and more...


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Mar 28, 2020
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Welcome to the Official Just1KB Website/Forums. This site will hopefully become a grounds for discussing the stream, league of legends and everything else!

The website is still in development so there may be a few bugs, but I'm working too get this all fixed asap! If you do find any issues or bugs with the server, please post them in the Bugs and Suggestions subforum! If you have any ideas for the website, subforums etc, then feel free to post them here too!

Current website team:
Owner: @Just1KB
Developer: @JaidanBrown

What's coming next?

- I'm currently working to get full Twitch integration implemented into the website. This means eventually you should be able to login to the site with your Twitch account which would make like a lot easier.

- General customization of the styling of the site

- Adding a champion picker too profiles, you will eventually be able to specify a champion too display next your profile

- Adding more sub forums and categories

- Creating Stickies for each sub forum as a guide on how to post

- Possibly Discord integration?

What to do for now?

For now, just register your account and sit back and relax. I will be adding more categories for you to post in! We do have an Introduce Yourself sub forum so go over there and let us know who you are

We do have a Twitch subscriber rank on the website, so if you are subscribed to @Just1KB on Twitch, please comment below and I will upgrade your group! Eventually this will be automated with the Twitch Integration, but for now I will do it manually.

Lastly, if anyone wants to offer assistance with the site, either with moderation, site testing, ideas etc, please PM me! Any help is appreciated!

To conclude
If you got this far, thank you for reading! Hopefully this site grows and grows and increases the already amazing community @Just1KB has already managed to create!

- @JaidanBrown
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